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American Airlines Flight Attendants Claims Investigation: Press Release and Letter On Behalf of 1300+ Flight Attendants



In October, 2015, our law firm was contacted by Rock Salomon, a senior American Airlines flight attendant and union activist who, along with a group of concerned flight attendants, has challenged the conduct of the negotiations and dealmaking surrounding American Airlines’ merger with US Airways and related agreements made between US Airways, American Airlines, and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (“APFA”), the American Airlines Flight Attendants union.

Mr. Salomon has raised important questions concerning several aspects of the merger negotiations and union agreements that were entered into by American Airlines and the APFA, which resulted in the flight attendants’ loss of profit sharing terms and other benefits in their contract with the merged airline, and purported to bind the flight attendants to the whims of binding arbitration instead of open market negotiation of contract terms.  At the request of Mr. Salomon, our law firm has agreed to become engaged by American Airlines flight attendants in order to formally investigate these issues, advocate on behalf of those concerned, file complaints with governmental agencies, and make legal demands to the airline.

During the recent bankruptcy of American Airlines, meetings were held between American Airlines APFA flight attendants’ union officers and senior executives of US Airways, the potential merger partner.   According to published reports, this included meetings between Laura Glading, the former President of the APFA, then-US Airways CEO Doug Parker (now CEO of American), then-US Airways President Scott Kirby (now President of American), and then-US Airways Treasurer Thomas Weir (now Treasurer of American), who is also Laura Glading’s cousin, at a private room in a New York restaurant.  APFA then engaged in a process by which it agreed before the consummation of the merger to support contractual terms proposed by US Airways executives.  These executives, and US Airways, were not the employer of the APFA flight attendants, but Laura Glading and the APFA entered into negotiations with them that impacted the collective bargaining agreement ultimately reached with their employer.  Moreover, the agreement provided that if the union membership did not accept the terms, the membership would be subject to binding arbitration instead of ongoing negotiations.

In connection with these deals, the flight attendants lost their profit sharing benefits and other important negotiating rights, and the union officials agreed to support US Airways’ merger plans, which among other terms, ultimately proposed a $20 Million payout to former American Airlines executive Tom Horton, and would see US Airways CEO Doug Parker take over Horton’s position as CEO of American Airlines, now the world’s largest carrier.

We have agreed to investigate these deals and advocate on behalf of those American Airlines flight attendants seeking representation.

Individual American Airlines flights attendants seeking to join this case may sign up on this page.  If you want to pay for another Flight Attendant, please do so here.  If another person is paying for you, please register here.  The services we are providing to these union members at this time are investigation of the claims and advocacy in a formal complaint to be filed by the firm with the United States Department of Justice and United States Department of Labor, as well as correspondence directed to American Airlines executives setting forth our clients’ demands for retention and preservation of all documents, data, and other evidence related to the merger negotiations and placing these executives on notice of the Flight Attendants’ claims.

As these investigations unfold, we will also determine whether there is any legal remedy for the loss of the flight attendants’ profit sharing, and will advocate for relief from any violations of law or regulation in the negotiating, bankruptcy, and merger process, including investigation of possible antitrust violations in connection with the depression of the costs of the labor market by virtue of the negotiated deals impacting the Flight Attendants’ contract.

In a case of this nature, there is strength in numbers.  Through the network of union activism and advocacy, if you are interested in joining this case, please feel free to spread the word among your union brothers and sisters and sign up now.  As a client, you will receive confidential updates, advice, and documents filed with the government agencies and airline, as well as copies of investigative material, and strategies for the case going forward.  For those who wish to register and pay for a friend, please do so here.

We have designed a streamlined signup process here, and look forward to hearing from you.  We will provide you with email updates and communications as the case moves forward.

Thank you for this opportunity.