American Airlines Flight Attendants Attorney-Client Agreement


Attorney-Client Agreement

Please print or save this page for your records.  This Agreement becomes effective once your payment is received by our firm.  Thank you.

FEE FOR SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED: $41.00 (forty one dollars)

Client hereby retains Mildenberg Law Firm as counsel to investigate Client’s loss of benefits and profit sharing in connection with the merger between American Airlines and US Airways and negotiations between Laura Glading and executives of US Airways prior to completion of the merger, and to file a formal Complaint with the United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and United States Department of Labor (“DOL”) on behalf of the Client and others similarly situated, including request for investigation of possible antitrust violations relating to the depression of the costs of the labor market impacting the Flight Attendants’ contract, and a cease and desist letter to be sent to American Airlines executives, placing the company on formal notice of these claims.

This Agreement shall become effective between Client and the law firm only upon client’s payment of $41 (forty-one dollars) through the Law Firm’s website,  Client’s payment of this fee shall constitute a representation by Client that client is a current or retired flight attendant with American Airlines or US Airways.  Client agrees that the the $41 is earned upon receipt, and is being paid in consideration of the law firm’s agreement to open a claim for Client and represent Client to the exclusion of other cases and matters.  This fee may be placed in the law firm’s operating account immediately, and not held in trust.

The Law Firm does not represent Client in any other matter, unless agreed in writing.  Client agrees that the law firm will send all communications to client via the email address provided by Client at time of payment.  Client understands that the law firm will represent a group of flight attendants in this matter and that all communications between the law firm and the client, individually, or as part of a group, should be treated as confidential in order to maintain the attorney-client privilege.  Any decision to file a lawsuit in a court of law will be subject to the law firm’s investigation and a separate agreement with Client to represent client in the lawsuit.



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