American Airlines Flight Attendants – Case Registration

When ready to retain us, simply process your payment below, and we will send you a receipt and confirmation, as well as a copy of your Attorney-Client Agreement, which may be reviewed here prior to your payment. Your payment of the $41 fee shall constitute your acceptance of the Agreement and retention of us in this matter.  To read about the background of this case, click here.  Registration for this case is open for American Airlines Flight Attendants, Legacy American Flight Attendant Retirees, and Legacy US Airways Flight Attendant Retirees.  If you are trying to pay for someone other than yourself, please register and pay for that person on the correct form here.  If someone else has already agreed to pay for you, and you wish to become a client in the case, please register here.

AA Flight Attendant Claims Investigation - Registration

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We are honored to have been requested to represent American Airlines flight attendants in this matter.  We have set the retainer fee for this case at $41 (forty one dollars), representing one month of deductions that flight attendants pay for their union benefits.

Thank you for this opportunity to represent your interests and advocate for labor rights.