American Airlines Flight Attendants- Updates

American Airlines Flight Attendants Updates
American Airlines Flight Attendants Updates

Update: November 13, 2015 – American Airlines Flight Attendants Case

The amazing outpouring of support for the American Airlines Flight Attendants case continues strong. As of today, over 2451 Flight Attendants have signed on to the case, and our investigation of American Airlines continues.

We have sent our initial demand and evidence preservation letter to American Airlines (available here) and are in the process of drafting formal Complaints to the United States Department of Justice for filing. Updates will be posted here, on this update page, when ready.

We will shortly be organizing a date for the filing of the Complaints in Washington, DC, at the Department of Justice, and hope that as many Flight Attendants as possible will join us in person for a rally and protest in support of the Complaints. Our voices will be heard in this case. We want to let the Department of Justice know that we care deeply about the allegations of collusion and corruption, and the loss of the Flight Attendants’ profit sharing and restriction of their contract benefits. A large turnout will be a great step in this direction. Clients will receive details on the time and date of this event. News media will be invited.

For our clients, please be advised that you will receive an email containing log on credentials for secure access to investigation documents, correspondence, and materials from the case as we move forward. Because of the large number of clients, we are creating a system that will send email invites out to each client. Your patience as we complete this task is appreciated.

Any questions at all can always be emailed to:

I will respond directly.

Please stay tuned for additional updates.

Thank you,

Brian R. Mildenberg